Welcome to Marbella!

It’s not without reason that they call Marbella the pearl of the south. The city is not only greener and cleaner compared with other cities, but it also has a beautiful town center with a lot of atmosphere and history. Because of that Marbella is one of the most popular destinations of Spain, and Andalusia in particular. A guided bike tour in Marbella with a personal guide is the best way to explore the city.

We offer several bike tours in Marbella: the City Bike Tour Marbella – this tour will take you to all the sights of Marbella, the Puerto Banus Bike Tour – this is a bike ride to the famous port of Puerto Banus, and we offer a Wein & Tapas Bike Tour – with this tour you will explore both the history and the culinary delights of Marbella. We also have several bike tours through Andalusia itself with guidance and transportation and have a big choice on guided bike tours and routes in and around Malaga. The Bike Tours Marbella team is ready to help make your time here enjoyable and memorable!