Andalusia Bike Tours

Bike tours and cycling routes in Andalusia

Information about the tour:

Price: depends on the tour
Departs at: depends on you
Duration: depends on your wishes
Physically: depends on the route, but this will be a little bit more physical and mountainous
Bike: trekking bike
Reservation: required

Because of the wonderful landscapes and the beautiful nature that Andalusia has to offer, this is the ideal environment for a great bike ride. There are innumerable possibilities to choose from for bike tours of Andalusia. The landscapes have an unique charm because of the varieties of the nature and the nice small villages along the way. 

We offer a transport service for our clients and an individual bike with all the equipment that you will need during the bike ride. You can also choose to do this cycling tour trough Andalusia with a personal guide. At the end of the bike route we will wait to bring you back to your hotel/destination.

There are a lot of cycling routes we offer in Andalusia. Here are a few of them:


Bike Tour from Jaén to Lucena

A part of this bike route will be on the Via del Aceite – the Olive Oil Route. This cycling road goes along olive fields, vineyards and small villages in the mountains. This bike route heads along old railways, train stations and some historical sights. Depending on your personal wishes and personal fitness we can decide whether you want to do the whole route or just a part of it.    


Bike Tour from Puerto Serrano to Coripe de Olvera or Coripe

This bike tour is a part of the Via de la Sierra in the mountain chain Sierra Blanca. You can start this tour at several points, depending on your own wishes and fitness. This cycling route also goes along old railways and old train stations. You will also see some tunnels and beautiful views during this bike tour.


Bike Tour form El Chorro to Embalses de Guadalhorce – the dams of Gaudalhorce

This bike tour contains some steep slopes which will require a very physical effort. A good fitness level is necessary for this one. In the end you will be rewarded with a beautiful view upon the river and the valley of Gaudalhorce.


Bike tour to Fuente de la Piedra

This bike tour will guide you to the magnificent surroundings of Laguna de la Piedra. This is a national park where a lot of water birds live. This is also where the largest colony of flamingos live on the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal). From there you will have a spectacular view over the water, the olive fields and the cornfields. Along this bike route there are several places where you can spot birds.    


Obviously we can adapt the bike tour to your personal wishes. Let us know which parts you want to see or ride and in what tempo you would like to do this. We would like to help you to make a tailor-made tour for you so you can have an unforgettable experience in Andalusia. 

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